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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Installing Additional Softwares with Synaptics

(July 2009 Update: Since Kubuntu 8.10 - you no longer need to install synaptic. You can find it by clicking on the menu (K button), then Applications tab, and then choose System.)

Kubuntu has a built in package installer and it is called Kynaptic. But it has one disadvantage over its Ubuntu counterpart.

If you want to install packages that are not found with Kubuntu's default repositories, you still need to fire up Synaptics to access additional repositories.

By the way, repositories are simply lists of web sites where Kubuntu and Ubuntu can download additional programs and Linux updates.

It is very similar to Windows Update in Windows XP.

Installing Synaptic
1. Click the K button on the menubar.
2. Click System.
3. Then click Kynaptic (package manager)
4. In Kynaptic, click Edit
5. Click Find
6. On the text box laber "What", type synaptic.
7. Find synaptic in the list
8. Select synaptic
9. Right click then click install if it is not installed yet.
10. Wait for the program to finish then close kynaptic.

Running Synaptic
1. Click the K button on the menubar again.
2. Go back to System
Notice that the Synaptic Package Manager has been installed.
3. Click Synaptic Package Manager

Let us go back to the gyachE website. Go to

As you can see in the website gyachE requires:
a) Gtk-2 2.0.6 or better
b) GtkHTML-2

We need to install these to for our gyachE YM client to run properly

Installing the Missing Files with Synaptic
1. Go back to synaptic.
2. Click on search
3. On the search box type, libgtk
4. You will notice that synaptic performed a smart search. It displayed all the packages that contained the letters "libgtk".
5. Look for libgtk2.0-0
6. Select it.
7. Right click
8. Select mark for install
9. Then click the Apply button in the synaptic toolbar

10. Click search on synaptic again
11. Type libgtkhtml2-0
12. Search
13. Find and select it from the list
14. Right click
15. Select mark for install
16. Click Apply

On the next post we will finally install gyachE.


Anonymous said...

I have Kubuntu 9.04 and there is no Kynaptic. What now?

Temujin said...

Hi. The latest Kubuntu versions actually have three programs for you to install new softwares.

It is there.

Look for Synaptic or something labeled Add Programs.

Kynaptic, Synaptic, Ad Program all do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

It's actually KPackageKit, but it's nowhere near Synaptic.
They should do the same thing, but they don't.

Finally I just downloaded Synaptic trough apt-get and now I'm happy! :)

Temujin said...

That's funny :) my Kubuntu installation has synaptic by default.