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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chikka SMS for Linux

Today we are going to install an SMS software and at the same time learn about the dpkg command.

dpkg command is the official package manager for Debian based systems like Kubuntu and Ubuntu.

To install a package, you need to issue:
$ dpkg -i packagename

To remove a package, you need to type:
$dpkg -r packagename

I am assuming that you already have gaim installed on your Linux.
If you don't have it, you can open synaptic or adept (for Breezy Badger version).

Just search for the gaim package and install it.

The installer for Chikka for linux can be found at

You need to download both libchix_1.0.0-1_i386.deb and libchixgaim_1.0.0-1_i386.deb

To install these packages
1. Open a Linux console / terminal

2. Type:
$ dpkg -i libchix_1.0.0-1_i386.deb

3. Type:
$ dpkg -i libchixgaim_1.0.0-1_i386.deb

4. Open gaim

5. Add an account then choose Chix as your protocol

6. Login with your Chikka account



xebuntu said...

bro, didn't you had any problems on dependency versions?!

I had mine with Ubuntu, although it might be ok on Kubuntu.

To solve my problem, I did a "sudo dpkg -i --force-depends package-name.deb" so that version problems will be ignored.

I hope that would also help Ubuntu users.

More power to your Blog!

Anthony T. Villanueva said...


Thanks for visiting and your comment is very much appreciated.

No. I did not encounter any dependency error installing this one.

But when installing other programs, I do encounter dependecy errors every once in a while.

Normally when this happen, what I would do is open synaptic or adept, find the missing package, and install it.

Yours is another way of doing this, a shorter way.

Thanks for helping out man. =)


nightfox said...

There's always the option of compiling from source..

Anonymous said...

Hi, how to send sms using chix? or will it automatically send to the mobile phone?

Tim said...

Ijust did as on this page, using Debian Etch, which is using the latest Gaim. After dpkg both libraries, there is no chix option in Gaim. Am I missing a step, or is this broken at this time? Have there been any other breakthroughs in using Chikka for Linux?

Anonymous said...

seems that this does not work with GAIM anymore? Am using Ubuntu Feisty 7.04... libchix and libchixgaim were installed with no errors but when I open GAIM, I can´t find Chikka as one of the choices for the server...

any updates?

noldsel said...

I think chix development is not active at the moment. it does not support gaim v2.0 or newer.

Anonymous said...

hi! can you pls post where to find those packages? thanks!