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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Customizing the Menu

1. Hover your mouse over the K button in the menubar

2. Right Click

3. Choose Menu Editor

4. Choose a category where you are going to place the menu item for your program. In this example, I chose internet.

5. Right click on the category you have chosen.

6. Select New Item.

7. You will be presented with the following screen.

Name - is the name of the program that will appear in the menu

Command - is what you would normally type in the Linux Terminal to run this program.

You can also place a short description and some comment.

You can also assign an icon to the menu item by clicking on the icon button next to Name.

You are also permitted to assign a shortcut key for the program.

8. Close the Menu Editor

9. It will automatically ask you to save your update.

10. Choose Save.

11. Open the Menu and locate your menu item you have just added.

12. You have successfully modified the menu.

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