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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Linux Gaming Part 2

WINE Versus Cedega

WINE and Cedega can both be used to run Windows compiled games in Linux.

WINE though covers a wider scope. It is intended to run not just games but every Windows application.

The philosophy behind this, of course, is that if people can run every Windows application in Linux then they would have an easier time shifting to Linux.

Cedega on the otherhand is solely intended to run Windows games.

WINE pros
1. free
2. can run older Windows games

WINE cons
1. It's wider focus leads to slow development with regards to gaming.

Cedega Pros
1. Can run several of the latest Windows Games
2. Faster gaming development

Cedega Cons
1. Requires $5 subscription per month ( $15 initial subscription)

In the long run Cedega becomes costly. A one year subscription would amount to $60. And you are just paying for the ability to run a Windows game. You haven't even bought a game yet.

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