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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

HOW TO: Kubuntu Screen Capture

One of the things I like about Kubuntu Linux is the builtin screen capture program, Ksnapshot.

You can find it in the menu when you click "K" then "Graphics" then "Screen Capture Program".

It is a very handy tool especially for someone doing a tutorial blog like me.

Ksnapshot Options

New Snapshot button - initiates the screen capture
Save As button - allows you to specify the file where you are going to save your screen capture. It also allows you to specify in what graphics format to save whether it be jpeg, png, bmp, etc. (the default is png).
Capture Mode - Allows you to specify what part of your screen to capture.
You can set it to:
a. Fullscreen - to capture the entire screen.
b. Window Under Cursor - to capture the current window that you select
c. Region - to capture a portion or region of the screen.
Snapshot Delay - Allows you to specify when the screen capture will be initiated. You can either tell it to start capturing immediately after you click the left mouse button or say after 3 seconds.

Sample Session
1. Open Ksnapshot
2. Set the Capture Mode to Fullscreen.
3. Click the New Snapshot button. The cursor will change into a crosshair.
4. Click on the screen. You will notice that the preview screen in ksnapshot changed.
5. Click the Save As button.
6. Set the Filter option to JPEG Image then choose an appropriate filename.

You can now use this image in your own tutorials.

1 comment:

Erik said...

That did the trick. Thanks for the post. Did you happen to add it to the wiki?