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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kubuntu 8.10 and Samba Part 1

Samba in Kubuntu 8.10 actually got very much easier to setup compared to the previous version.

1. Click the K button, then Choose Applications tab, then System

2, Click on Adept Package Manager

3. You will need to type your admin password

4. In Adept, click on the Search Icon

5. Type Samba in the text box.

Installing Samba Server

6. Look for the entry for Samba in the list. Then click the check box labeled "Install this Package"

Installing the Samba GUI Interface

7. Look for the entry smbclient. Click the checkbox labeled "Install this Package"

8. Then finally in Adept Manager, Click Adept > Apply Changes

Sharing Folders to Windows

1. Click K button > Applications Tab > Settings > Samba

2. This is your Samba GUI

If you notice there are three buttons. Add Share - which let you add folders that you want to share, Properties - which let you change the settings of your shared folders, and Delete - which lets you unshare your folders.

Some of you may be able to continue from here.

For the others, I will continue this article tomorrow.

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