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Friday, May 08, 2009

How to Enable Alt Left Click in Kubuntu 8.10

There are graphics programs that need to use Alt+ Left Click. For example, Blender uses it to allow the user to rotate the 3D Model.

You can't do by default inside Kubuntu but we can change that.

Here are the steps you need to enable Alt+ Left Click

1. Click the K button at the bottom left of your Kubuntu 8.10 panel.

2. Choose System Settings

3. You will be presented with this screen

Kubuntu 8.10 System Setting Window

4. Choose the Windows Behavior icon

5. You will then be presented with this screen

Kubuntu Window Behavior

By default the tabs will be set to focus.

6. Choose Window Actions tab

7. Look for Modifier Key under Inner Window, Titlebar and Frame section

8. Change the Modifier Key setting to Meta

9. Click the Apply button then test your graphics program.

You should now be able to do Alt+Click commands.


dannybuntu said...

Hooray! Kubuntu can be quite a challenge though in legacy hardware

Temujin said...

I'm using a 3 year old AMD computer with NVIDIA FX 5200 graphics card.

Yeah. It can be quite a challenge.

You are also out of luck if you don't have fast internet connection because Ubuntu is very dependent on web updates.

dannybuntu said...

Well I am still on my almost 10 year old pentium 3 pc. :)