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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Some Comments on Daper Drake Installation

As I have mentioned in my previous post, unlike in the previous version of Kubuntu, there is no separate Install CD and Live CD to download. The Live CD is also the installer.

To install Kubuntu Daper Drake
1. Locate the Install icon in the desktop.
2. Click it and the Live CD would begin the installation process.
3. Just fill up the all the prompts and you should be done.

Some comments about the installation process
I have installed Kubuntu on an MSI motherboard and the installation ran smoothly. But today when I installed Kubuntu on an ECS motherboard I encountered some quirks.

First quirk. I could not proceed installing the software on a non empty hard disk. I was hoping to run the software and delete the current partition during the process. But instead I have to put the hard disk as slave to a Windows PC and delete the partition from there.

After that the installation ran smoothly.

Second problem. The network connection did not start immediately. I rebooted my pc and used the Live CD again to see if the connection works there. I rebooted from the hard disk again. I had to reboot twice before the network connection would finally work.

On my other PC , which was newer than this one, I did not have to do anything. Setup worked immediately. But with this one I have to do several test before it worked.

It is common for Linux derivatives to encounter these kinds of quirks on some hardware. The reason for this being, the hardware you might be using might not been fully tested yet by the developers.


Anonymous said...


The first time I tried to install Ubuntu (Yes ubuntu) the installer CD was separate from the LiveCD. This version of Kubuntu is really an innovative take and very helpful.

Right now I'm using Kubuntu, don't know what version, ehehe, I don't know the equivalent of 'winver' here. Anyway, the iso image I downloaded was fairly new - about 1 week from today. That would be the first week of October 2006.

Anyway man, I hope you don't abandon your Kubuntu Blog - I will be posting a lot of links pointing here for easy reference. =)

Anthony T. Villanueva said...

Hi Danny. Thank you for visiting.

I have no plans of abandoning this blog :)

I would still be popping every once in a while. It would be quite infrequent though because of other pressing matters.